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a greater purpose

January 26th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

Even when us gals aren’t sure what our larger character arcs presently are – when we can’t decide what exactly we’re doing other than waking up every day, doing assigned tasks, then going back to bed, we can always grow out our hair, which provides great purpose. No matter what, it can be the thing we’re constantly doing. It’s a noble task that can be measured and tracked. And then some forgotten Saturday, you find that said hair can now fit into a ponytail, and there is an immense sense of accomplishment ┬áthat is sadly akin to finishing a book or one’s taxes. EARTH, LOOK WHAT I DID. I GREW OUT MY HAIR. In fact, I am STILL growing it, and will continue to grow it until it’s grown and I, inspired by a twelve year old, cut it all off again. What did you ever do that was so great?

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