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I Will Please have one Car Machine, Please.

August 31st, 2012 by Bekah Brunstetter

AND SO! I’m moving back to LA to write for ABC Family’s hit show, Switched at Birth, which I think is really slyly innovative and honest and great. See nice things that smart people are saying about the show HERE. This LA go around, I’m going to do it a bit more for real, ie, I will be purchasing or leasing a car. My Dad has hooked me up with a friend with a dealership. I really can’t wait for the initial car conversation, which will go something like:

CAR PERSON: What kind of car are you interested in?


CAR PERSON: Okay, great, but is there a certain sort of type that you like, are you looking for something compact, or –

ME: No wait. I saw this weird car a few weeks ago, it was sort of brown? It was this really cool brown. It was like a brownie, but a car. I’d like that car, please.

CAR PERSON: What kind of car was it?

ME: Brown?

CAR PERSON: Let’s start over. What kind of features are important to to you?

ME:….Can charge my phone while driving?

CAR PERSON: Great, what else?

ME: Windows? Doors? Wheels?

CAR PERSON: This conversation is over.

ME: I’m calling my Dad.

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