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April 24th, 2012 by Bekah Brunstetter

Today on How Interesting / Things that are Interesting, an observation: ¬†as a dramaplaywright, you end up working on plenty more readings / staged readings of your scripts than actual productions. It’s just how it is. And so, you end up developing this specific skill set for intuiting how your play should be read, or heard, as opposed to seen. You start to know which stage directions are crucial for storytelling, which for tone, which are unneccessary. You start to want to make your characters immediately clear, as there’s nothing assisting an audience in understanding who they are as humans, except for language. You start cutting things that just ‘don’t make sense’ unless the play is staged. You learn To wear nonthick clothes for your imminent nervy sweat, as you’re forced to watch the faces of an audience trying to digest your play, in what’s usually like, really bright light. Could it be then, connoisseurs of all things interesting, that the play reading has become an entirely different thing, than theater? A subpart? Since it’s so rare to get a production these days, are we kind of tailoring our scripts to readings as opposed to productions?

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