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date rape – for kids!

November 14th, 2007 by Bekah Brunstetter


I hope you’ve seen this. A children’s toy, ‘Aqua Dots,’ is being recalled, because if ingested, the product causes affects on children similar to those of, well, le date rape. It as if they toy itself is talking up the child, saying hey, look at that, and fizzing up their apple juice. It is like this, but more hospital, and less keg.

Generally, it is not good.

My question is: what the fudge is an aqua dot? And also, why is everything so dangerous and threatening all of the sudden? Why do my co-workers and many co-earth inhabitants so obsessively use anti bacterial hand-things?

To answer at least ONE of the pressing questions, I researched Aqua Dots. And honestly, I’m still confused. They are magic ‘dot’ things (i.e, date rape balls) that children can use to design things into different, eh, designs? And when watered, they morph into other designs?

Children that read my blog with constance, try a tire swing. Save date rape for college.

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