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I love Brooklyn!

August 22nd, 2009 by Bekah Brunstetter


Today, some folks from the L magazine came by my pad to take some pictures of me ‘in action’ for an upcoming feature on young artists (HURRAY! I am still young! yes? yes.) I wasn’t sure what sort of ‘action’ they find, sides me holed up in front of my computer with a glass of white wine and pages of illegible rehearsal notes, the baby kitty reigning over all. They suggested we venture to a place outside of the apt where I like to write, so I took them to Bushwick county Country Club where I love to go to work when I want to get out of le apartment. We were delighted to find that, as soon as we arrived, the owner of the joint himself (a super-nice guy who is, at his young age, already semi-retired) offered us the remnants of an afternoon BBQ – oysters in the half shell, ribs, burgers, tater salad, etc. After a few shots of me / computer / PBR ( I know. I know. Just fulfilling the stereotype) we dined. Oh, we dined. Oh, generosity; Oh, Brooklyn. I like both of you. (Pictures forthcoming.)

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