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Hawaii Person

April 8th, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

It only took me 35 years to get my long butt to Hawaii, and now that I have, I am now and forevermore a Hawaii person. (Our flight back was delayed 2 hours and we seconds from deciding to basically move there instead of just wait in the airport.) It’s stunning, soothing, tropical yet familiar, seemingly missing a lot of the nonsense of the regular world while still functioning. I need to go back yesterday. As a Hawaii person, I will talk about my trip to Hawaii at any given opportunity, I will steer all conversations towards Hawaii, I will crush macadamia nuts over all of my salads, I will wistfully sip pineapple Juice and think of it, I will spend my time planning next trips to it, money will be Hawaii money and Not Hawaii Money, there will no Time, only Hawaii and Not Hawaii.

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