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still reaching

January 14th, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

Multiple years after this has been possible, I am finally a person who is putting deadlines and appointments and things into the internet / phone ¬†instead of just writing it down in a calendar that I only sometimes have on me. I still only partially get it, ¬†and don’t love that it reminds me 900 times that things are happening when I pride myself on remembering things and knowing what day / time it is on my own, though yesterday I DID say, GOOD MORNING! to the grocery store cashier at 6 PM. And even though I have all things in phone, I keep reaching for my calendar, reaching for paper with meetings scratched out with ink, ink smeared on my hand, paper wet with spilled water bottle, water smudging times and initials, and I miss touching it, finding a faint CALL ASP inked onto the side of my finger hours later, remembering to call.

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