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March 1st, 2009 by Bekah Brunstetter

 Last night, at the fervent insistence of Sarah, we went to see Phosphorescent at the The Bell House

in Cobble Hill, BK. The Bell House is an amazing new venue – two giant rooms inside of what was once a depression-era printing press, complete with high loft-like ceilings and chandeliers.

As for Phosphorescent – ouch – my soul hurts. He / they were great.


‘He’ is  Matthew Houck of Athens, GA. And he’s touring with his band o bearded men, playing their new album comprised entirely of Willie Nelson covers. Amazing.

As a performer, he’s pretty stellar. His voice is not terribly amazing, but just really raw and pleasant. Also, he does this thing where he wraps the mic cord around his shoulder like a purse, sort of, and meanders around the stage, singing and punctuating his words with a laxadasical pointed finger, like this:



It was so good, I became an Asian person –


…which apparently happens sometimes.

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  1. […] friend reminded me of Phosphorescent, who I completely forgot that I used to love. I saw him once at the Bell House and was instantly gripped by his lackadaisical stage presence, which, apparently, in 2009, I […]

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