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February 24th, 2009 by Bekah Brunstetter

I’ve really really been wrestling with what to write for the Ars Nova commission. And when I start to feel all daunted and lost, I like to read a bunch of really amazing plays. To feel even MORE daunted and lost! No, to sort of breathe it all in and see what’s working awesomely. So last week I spent more money than I should’ve at the drama bookshop and immersed myself in:


….HOLY CRAP. It’s really sad that I haven’t seen this yet, but I haven’t. Amazing.

And then also, Adam Bock’s office plays – I hadn’t read them or seen them yet – I feel an office play stirring inside of me ( I wonder why! Files! Faxes machines! Hurray!) so I wanted to make sure my idea wasn’t too similar. Guess what? It was kind of exactly the same. I’m going to re-think my own. I think it involves flowers and an invisible boss, and a cleaning lady with a gun.


And finally, Speech and Debate, a musical / play (performed at Roundabout Underground) about a group of high school misfits who join Speech and Debate and attempt to expose the sexual naughties of their drama teacher.


It too, is brilliant.

I wish I could be more profound and critical, but I was just so happy to read three incredible plays to re-charge.


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