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August 23rd, 2016 by Bekah Brunstetter

When I was young, or forming, or, say, age 13-25, my Mom and I would have thrown down fights if my bra straps were even remotely showing. To my mom, if my bra is was showing, I was a girl woman of suggestible morality. For me, if my straps were showing, I was worldly, daring, innovative, carefully apathetic, and basically the coolest person that had ever graced the planet / sale section of Victoria’s Secret. I JUST WANTED TO SHOW MY STRAPS. But I would just like to go on record and state that at some point in the last few years, things changed, and I can NO LONGER STAND THE SIGHT OF MY OWN BRA STRAPS. They are no longer cool. They stand for laziness and a youthfulness I want to grow beyond and ALSO WHAT IS WITH THE FRONT BRA STRAPS NOW?

IT IS NOW COOL TO WEAR YOUR BRA ON YOUR UPPER CHEST. I can’t wait until years from now when I have to talk my teenage daughter out of wearing her bra on her face. MOM I WANT TO WEAR MY BRA ON MY FACE! EVERYONE IS WEARING FACE BRAS MOM, ¬†EVERYONE IS DOING IT MOM *DOOR SLAM* / KARMA.

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