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Back, from the Future

May 24th, 2016 by Bekah Brunstetter

Not that I believe in time travel / parallel universes / time is a line that can be wrinkled and jumped across theories,  but I’m FAIRLY CERTAIN that I was just visited by myself from the future. She was a old woman doubled over in pain. She was beautiful and frail and invisible. GET ON THE FLOOR, she said. STRETCH OUT YOUR BACK, YOU BIG DUMMY. I obliged. GOOD, she said. WHEN YOU’RE DONE, INVEST ALL OF YOUR FUNDS  IN TIME TRAVEL MACHINES. I protested from the floor. JUST DO IT, she demanded. For a moment, she just watched. OKAY, GOOD TALK. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK IN YOUR DREAMS / NIGHTMARES / ANYTIME YOU TRY TO LIFT SOMETHING NOT WITH YOUR KNEES. She stood up straight. Corrected. Walked through the wall into tomorrow and was gone.

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