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December 29th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter

Still wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve? WELL. The Olive Garden still has tickets for an exclusive dining event in their Time Square location, featuring a partial view of the ball drop and eggplant parm, for only 400 DOLLARS A POP. But the OG warns: you will not be able to leave the restaurant once you enter and there will definitely be a nine hour wait for the bathroom where there will be none toilet paper but hey at least you’ll be inside and not standing in the street smushed with strangers like a barrel of old bananas and that there will be ABSOLUTELY NO FREE BREADSTICKS BECAUSE LET’S NOT START A RIOT. Now If you need ME New Year’s eve, I will hiding inside spooning my crockpot and just in general reveling in my personal space.

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