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okay so I finally get it

August 15th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter

Sugar is slowly murdering us all and protein is infinitely important. I also know that for me, baking things is the most soothing / comforting activity there is, it is my equalizer, it is my all natural Lexapro, and so I MUST DO IT. And so I have discovered a myriad of recipes that use little to no sugar, whole wheat flour and protein powder as a base, rendering dangerous desserts into something you can trick yourself into thinking is good for you because it actually sort of IS. Scroll through the recipes and imagine giant gym bruhs and gals in aprons, muddling strawberries and greasing loaf pans. Yesterday I tried a banana bread. The final product can only be described in the words of Morrison Keddie, a man who knows what ┬áhe likes which just so happens to be Food, in general: It tastes like nothing. But like in a good way. YOU TOTALLY WANT SOME, DON’T YOU? TRY YOURS TODAY HERE!

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