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Marine stuff

April 14th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter

As many times as Tim explains to me what exactly it is that he does in the Marines, what his position is, what his responsibilities are, I can never quite wrap my brain around it, the reality, the logistics. I admire it, I am proud of him for doing it, but I will never full get it. Our phone call this morning:

Me: Heyyyyyy brother, what’s new?

Tim: I’m back from Marine-ing, I’m now Marine-ing in a new place. Hold on, gotta send a Marine thing to another Marine.

Me: All good. How’s it going?

Tim: Pretty good, we’ve just been Marine-ing, getting ready to move out and Marine. No plans to Marine far away any time soon, but we’re shipping out to SoCal for Marine training in a few weeks, so.

Me: YOU’LL BE IN CALIFORNIA?! Can I come see you?!


Me: Why not?

Tim:….Because I’m going to be Marine-ing. The whole time.

Me: But maybe for just a minute we go to Disneyland.

Tim:….No. We have to Marine.

Me: Aw, c’mon, they won’t even let you leave like just a little bit?

Tim: No, we have to protect the country.

Me: …Boo.

Tim: This makes me not want to protect you.

Me: Yep! I get it.

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