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a taste

November 23rd, 2008 by Bekah Brunstetter


Extra! Extra! Huzzah! My short play, Drunk: a short play for Drunk Girls is going to be in this pretty sweet sounding festival: The Binge,  which is shaping up to be really rad. They gave five playwrights a cookbook for inspiration, and write we did! It’s happening really really soon. Follow that link.

A taste:

We should all get drunk. That’s how you get to be friends with somebody.
At first it’s uncomfortable, it’s weird, to know someone. Another person.  To know the right things to say.
Sometimes it feels weird being around a person, it feels like you’re both robots or each other’s grandmothers. Something’s missing. But then you get drunk together and later you laugh and have a moment about it.
All of the sudden, there’s everything to talk about and nobody’s lonely anymore.

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