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September 22nd, 2014 by Bekah Brunstetter

I’m having quite the moment remembering various things about landlines like:

– Whenever Julien and I called the other with someone else secretly on the line, we would ask ARE YOU WATCHING TELEVISION? To alert the other of the spy

– dialing *69 to see who just called to see if it was the boy you liked

– waiting by the phone to see if the boy you liked calls

– oh wait he never did

– oh wait one time this kind of fat seventh grader did and professed his love and you kind of come around to the idea, like aw, he seems like a good guy, and you say yes! yes I will go out with you! and then the next day you get to school and it turns out he was DARED TO DO IT, AND NO, NOT EVEN THE KIND OF FAT SEVENTH GRADER HAS FEELINGS FOR YOU

– But everything’s so much better now


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