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August 28th, 2014 by Bekah Brunstetter

The security guard at my big bro’s office found out I write for Switched at Birth, and immediately wanted an autograph for her daughter Cassidy, who is a huge fan. I am certainly no Emma Stone (Miley? Beiber? Martha Stewart? who is big with the kids now?) and I also don’t have much of an autograph, it’s more like, intense struggling to craft legible block letters that look like SHOUTING! but I instantly obliged because if it weren’t for Cassidy and her Mom’s loyalty to SAB, we maybe wouldn’t still be around,  and I wouldn’t have such a friendly and stable work environment and I certainly wouldn’t have the dough to go jaunting off to Iceland and completely neglect my real life responsibilities for short periods of time.  We have a small but fiercely loyal bunch of viewers and I thank them all. I THANK YOU ALL!

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