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October 27th, 2008 by Bekah Brunstetter


 In the realm of Corporate Housing, one often encounters these things called ‘Leasing Agents,’ or as we call them, ‘fembots,’ or ‘the apocaplypse personified,’ or ‘Lucifer in a Sweater Set.’

We’re dealing with a particularly nasty one this week in Long Island city. Someone definitely peed on her Luna Bar. When Aaron went to friendly-ly greet her in person last week, his goodnature and charm were greeted by frigidty.

Sometimes, people are people, i.e., humans. And sometimes they are robots.


Bekah: Did you meet that leasing consultant girl?

Aaron: She’s all business, man.

Bekah: Did you guys make out?

Aaron: She makes out with rattlesnakes. And then turns them into boots.


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