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July 29th, 2014 by Bekah Brunstetter

After I finished grad school, after three years of taking out the maximum federal and private loans for tuition and NYC living and the occasional disposable dress at H&M, I finally read the fine print, and realized that I had sort of signed my life away. I was $121K in debt. I had a house that I could not live in. I devised this elaborate plan which I never hatched in which I wrote a long letter to Britney Spears in which I appealed to her to pay them off, and she said yes. I can’t remember Why Britney Spears.  The debt is a money prison, but there is SOME sense to it: your federal loans, at least, can be at least partially  ‘forgiven’ if you work in public service, lose a limb, or you know, Die. As for private loans, well, those stay with you during and also AFTER your death. They are immovable. I am severely lucky that I am now actually making a living and am making a dent in said debt, and it doesn’t make me angry. I received the (moderately over priced) service that I paid for. But then you read about families who are saddled with private student loan debt after their loved one is DEAD. It just makes me want to shake someone. I don’t even know who to shake. Yes, the person received the education, but the person NO LONGER IS. The fact that the family has to grieve and ALSO worry about debt on top of probably their own debt is the most awful. I’m sure the providers don’t want to set a precedent, like, oh, do you not want to pay your loans? All you gotta do is die, son! But can’t there be forgiveness, here? I’m sure what I’m positing is impossible and ridiculous, but I hereby vow, that if I every find myself to be loaded, with $, I’m going to start a charity of sorts to help these families out. It will be called Moneybags and I will literally fill bags with Money and deliver them myself.

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