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July 21st, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter

Paten sent me this picture yesterday of lunch  from her tomato farm in Sonoma, where I go this weekend for production of the thing I wrote about her tomato farm in Sonoma. LAYERS. I will be rolling myself up in that piece of purple basil, nestling myself inside of one of the divets in the fat green one and pulling that soft pocket of burrata over myself until I nearly suffocate with glee at which point I’ll just eat my way out.

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July 20th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter

1.) Morrison has officially moved in with me!

2.) So has his cat, Cracker, who is sly, smart, sweet, all white, all knowing, and, according to Morrison, protects us from bad spells that are cast upon us by disgruntled Uber drivers.



I haven’t had a cat since the illustrious Baby Kitty,  my Brooklyn friend and ward.  I didn’t know how much I missed having an animal stare at me curiously while while I ramble to it about my day, while I tell it it’s a little cornish hen, while I ask it what it is doing, how its day was. There is something calming about the relationship, different than one with a dog, who might attack you / demand attention when you get home. The cat gives you mild interest, a calm and loving apathy.

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today, on I have many gifts

July 19th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter


Q. What did the honeydew say to the watermelon when the watermelon proposed marriage?


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July 18th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter


If the production is even ten percent of this poster then I’m 100% on board.

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Rest easy in Fiddler’s Green

July 17th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter

I found out this morning that one of the Marines killed yesterday  — Gunny Sergeant Thomas Sullivan — served with my little brostetter  in Korea. Tim shared this picture above  of his buddy — he’s the festive marine slash snowman on the far right. Tim was gone over last Christmas, and it was tough, but he promised us over Skype  that he and his Marines were celebrating accordingly, apparently in MASSIVE SNOWMEN COSTUMES, which I am ENDLESSLY DELIGHTED BY. Isis and gun control and worry and fear and WHAT THE CRAP IS HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY aside — I’m moved by how Marines commemorate each other when they pass away. It is always an honorable death, no matter what. There’s no Why God Why, there is just acceptance, and a sort of peace. Tim shared some beautiful words about his bud, and wished him to Rest Easy in Fiddler’s Green — a mariner’s afterlife where there is unlimited drink and dance. It’s probably a special Marine thing that I’m not allowed to say, but hell. On behalf of my bros: Rest Easy, Thomas. Thank you for all that you did. I found these words for you:

At Fiddler’s Green, where seamen true
When here they’ve done their duty
The bowl of grog shall still renew
And pledge to love and beauty.

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July 16th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter

I’m fairly certain that this is the first time I’ve ever participated in the mass ritual that is Throwback Thursday. LAST ONE ON THE BOAT BRUNSTETTER STRIKES AGAINNNN!!!! Here is an old picture that I love, that I rescued from the depths of my closet at my parents house, where it was buried beneath old poems and Highlights magazines and boxes of handwritten notes from Julien passed between Biology and Ping Pong. I now display it in my own house.

I’m receiving my very first very own bible from Pastor Mark Corts, who to me, at this age, was some sort of Granddad / Santa / God hybrid: kind and eternal and giving. I felt SO SPECIAL and it was not even because my headband matched my sweater matched the subtle stripes in my skirt. Because I was old enough to be given my own book with my own name in it.

While my own faith fluctuates and changes moment to moment and is still being Found (does this ever stop?), this bible and picture stand for  a constant; a thing ingrained in me since I was young. Noise swirls and settles around it, but it never moves.

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people that I very much like

July 15th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter


Also how bout that moment between frames 3 and 4 when I apparently lept through four people and shoved my way into the front.

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July 14th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter

I’m quite visually impaired. I have been since I was wee. I get by with incredibly strong contact lenses. But having some hiatus time and some cash to burn on robot parts, I am going to get contact lenses surgically implanted into my eyes.

Let’s type it one more time out loud so that I might freak myself out of actually  doing it.


I started with pre-op stuff today, with weird eyeball water boarding, dilated pupils and gratuitous tears. Feeling grateful for having any sight, at all. In a world with no such thing as contacts, I would definitely qualify as disabled. But I’m extremely fortunate that I get to function with lenses. And so let’s SURGICALLY IMPLANT THEM IN MY EYES, SHALL WE? Hoping very much that the sight that I do have does not get accidentally sliced / burned / lasered out?


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a nice drunk

July 13th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter

Occasionally I drink one too many vodka grapefruits, which is to say, whenever I do not alternate each with a bucket of water, or consume them with suitable stomach carb-base of an entire tray of tater tots, and perhaps get a little sloshed, which may or may not have occurred at the the SAB wrap party last night. But when this happens, not that it happened last night at all, at least I’m nice about it. Drunk Bekah is kind, over complimentary, sentimental at worst. She wants you to know how amazing you are and how lucky she is to know you. She wants to shout compliments at you and make plans with you to go surfing tomorrow. If you’re black she wants to tell you how much she loves Kendrick Lamar. If you’re a girl of any kind she wants to tell you that you’re beautiful. If you’re her boyfriend:

Drunk Bekah: I wanna tell you something right now. Listen to me. Are you listening?

Morrison: ….Yes?

Drunk Bekah: Are you listening?


Drunk Bekah:….you’re gonna be a really great Dad.

Morrison: I know. You already told me that.

Drunk Bekah: when?

Morrison:….five minutes ago.

Drunk Bekah: well I’m saying it AGAIN.

Morrison: okay….thanks. Hey, let’s get you some advil.


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this does not occur….

July 12th, 2015 by Bekah Brunstetter

Yesterday, I gave some of my actual human money yesterday to see Magic Mike XXL because I am a  human woman and I enjoy fun.  It is somehow like male stripper mumble core with not much story, weirdly improvised scenes and wonderfully strange and earnest cameos by Donald Glover and Michael from Kelly and Michael and lots of women getting ground upon (namely, large women, as if to shout at the audience:  HEY! FATTIE BEHIND THE EXTRA LARGE POPCORN! THIS IS FOR YOU!). In summation, Channing Tatum is kind of wonderful, and the whole thing is a STRANGE AND SHAMELESS DELIGHT, best watched while shouting things at the screen like WHAT?! REALLY?! and NO. THAT DOES NOT OCCUR.

Most unreal moment: when the movie’s hot girl, Zoe, the photographer, Zoe who smokes cigarettes and can’t seem to get her hair to stay in her bun, Zoe who is as thin as a child soccer player, has a scene in which she is bummed, and Magic Mike finds her in the kitchen, eating an entire red velvet cake. And this is officially where the movie lost me. There are surely stripper conventions and magical strippers and mystical southern mansions containing Andy Macdowell and a whole lot of very old expensive wine, all that can be realistically happened upon, in the real world. But no way in hell does Zoe ever sit on a counter and sadly eat a whole cake. MAGIC MIKE, YOU LOST ME.

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