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The Boxer

September 12th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

My record player turntable? record player is changing my life / priorities / schedule. All I want to do is lie next to it and listen to music and think both small and large thoughts, mostly to this one Emmylou Harris album I scored for a buck, more specifically, her cover of The Boxer, which has made me fall in love with that song all over again, or maybe for the first time, because I’m not sure if I ever loved it before. My apologies to the record itself,  and any adjoining neighbors for the 700 times I’ve played it so far.  It’s one of those incredible song that manages to sound like itself. Or feel like the story its telling? I don’t know. I have to go listen to it ten more times.

I am just a poor boy , Though my story’s seldom told, I have squandered my resistance For a pocket full of mumbles such are promises

All lies and jests, Still a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest .

When I left my home and my family I was no more than a boy In the company of strangers, In the quiet of the railway station running scared
Laying low, seeking out the poorer quarters  Where the ragged people go. Looking for the places only they would know.

Asking only workman’s wages, I come looking for a job, But I get no offers, Just a come-on from the whores on Seventh Avenue.
I do declare, there were times when I was so lonesome I took some comfort there.

Then I’m laying out my winter clothes And wishing I was gone, Going home Where the New York City winters aren’t bleeding me
Bleeding me, going home

In the clearing stands a boxer And a fighter by his trade, And he carries the reminders Of ev’ry glove that layed him down
Or cut him till he cried out  In his anger and his shame, “I am leaving, I am leaving,” But the fighter still remains.

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Howdy Mom!

September 12th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

Mom n Pop Brunstetter are currently on a week long vacay in Wyoming which they so, so deserve, after my Dad’s particularly  intense senate session this year. They’re exploring their Western selves and just being cute, just in general,  and I had to share this equal parts adorable and terrifying picture of my Mom, in which I know that she’s just squatting behind something as tourists do, but there’s something about that is FRIGHTENINGLY REAL.

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September 11th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

It’s weird, not living in NYC anymore means that there’s less of a potent and daily reminder of 9/11, especially on its anniversary. In fact, I didn’t even think about it until I woke up this morning to friend Broph’s facebook status — who served in Iraq post 9/11 —  and remembered. And so, in the spirit of remembering, and always remembering, in that We will never forget sort of way, I’ll share:

“Never forget the darkness that intolerance, ignorance, and hatred can bring into this world.

Never forget the tragedy caused by radical militant fundamentalists.

Never forget that there are evil people who would inflict great harm and death on innocent people.

Never forget that the cure for this is for brave men and women who truly love freedom and humanity to take a stand against fascism, violence, and hatred. Sometimes this means sacrificing your own liberty, sometimes it means inflicting violence yourself, sometimes it means building and reaching out a helping hand. This always means having an open mind, caring deeply, and striving to make the world a safer place for everyone.

To all my brothers and sisters in arms, thank you for your service and willingness to step up to adversity rather than sit back.

To all the law enforcement personnel I know, thank you for your courage in doing an extremely difficult job.

To all the firefighters, thank you for your selflessness and bravery in rescuing those in need.

To all the medical personnel, thank you for your care and concern with human health and well being.

To all the humanitarians, thank you for your hard work to build better lives for people who are not as fortunate as we are here in the US.

To all the enemies of liberty and freedom, to those who would hurt an innocent, and to those who would impose their will onto others, as long as I am breathing you’ll have at least one reason to be afraid and at least one reason you will never win.”

Thanks to Broph, brothers and cousins, and well, everyone who serves, related to me or not, for your protection, dedication and service.

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This Happened.

September 10th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

My first plays were equal parts excitement over actually having written a play, and making the weird poster to plaster all over the Drama building, like this one for my play Happen, IN WHICH NOTHING HAPPENED.

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PS, I have a roommate

September 9th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

You know you once lived in New York for quite some time when you see a Lizard run across your bathroom and are like, oh Yay, it’s not a roach or rat or strung out and persistent homeless person, it is JUST A LIZARD, how charming / soothing / great.

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Sunset Bazaar!

September 8th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter


Today, on I promise I have thoughts unrelated to home decoration I just DON’T care to share them, I found the holy grail of furniture tucked slyly on Sunset across from the creepy foot clinic. For the past 13 years, two brothers have been rescuing old furniture, fixing it up and reselling it for incredibly reasonable prices. I got a sweet little 60s cabinet to go beneath my record player which I’m supposed to call a turntable which I cannot, cannot bring myself to do. That’s right. I have a record player and I AM A CARICATURE OF MYSELF, but happily so.

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September 7th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

Found this giant old map of my hometown from 1891 to hang above my couch! On it, you’ll find a crapload of tobacco farms and Moravian settlements that are now Targets and Exxons and Private Middle Schools and seasonal pool stores and Biscuitvilles and Goodwills I once pillaged. Now I’ll always have a piece of it in my heart (wall.) WALLS: 0, BEKAH: 1. But actually, Walls, you also kind of win, so maybe I get double points, so maybe now you have 1 point, and I have 2 points, but let’s not keep count, but be friends instead.

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What you Need to Hear

September 6th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

The darling Lily Bevan forwarded me this letter a woman wrote to her daughter, full of advice, in case she were to die, and it just made my day, and now, let this part make yours:

“The main thing is just to try to be nice. You already are – so lovely I burst, darling – and so I want you to hang on to that and never let it go. Keep slowly turning it up, like a dimmer switch, whenever you can. Just resolve to shine, constantly and steadily, like a warm lamp in the corner, and people will want to move towards you in order to feel happy, and to read things more clearly. You will be bright and constant in a world of dark and flux, and this will save you the anxiety of other, ultimately less satisfying things like ‘being cool’, ‘being more successful than everyone else’ and ‘being very thin’.

-Caitlin Moran

If I have a daughter I’ll say this to her, but this will be the future when children are born with the internet in their heads, and she will be like, Mom you stole that, you didn’t write that, and I will be like, shut up and eat your robot peas.

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WHY didn’t I WRITE this?

September 5th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter


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September 5th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

When I go jogging, because let’s finally be real, to call what I do running is an insult to Running, I sometimes want to listen to the soundtrack of my own anxiety instead of Spring Awakening or Beyonce or Eminem Pandora on a really good day. If I run with no music I can somehow trick myself into doing something that’s almost like Reflection. This morning as I got ready to head out, I felt like such a jog, but needed to bring my phone so that I might still know what time it is, so as to not be late for work. But being that last week, I dropped and smashed my phone on the pavement for the 17th time, I thought, I don’t WANT to bring my phone. If only there were a smaller device that one could, say, wear on their person, that would tell the time. I contemplated this for a shocking amount of moments before I remembered WATCHES.


REMEMBER WATCHES? ALSO REMEMBER ALARM CLOCKS? DVDS? WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? It’s flying and we’re changing in slow but massive ways inside of it.  I should get a watch.

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