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So. Cute.

October 25th, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

Max Powers, son of Steve’s friends Jason and Christy, is by far my favorite kid to watch grow up on facebook. Naturally, he is a duck for halloween. In other news, Steve and I have decided that were we to dress up this year, we would be cat people, which is self explanatory. Covered in cat hair, speaking of cats, I in my sweaterdress from goodwill with a giant cat on it that I have no good excuse to wear, save This.

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SOUP: a contemporary poem for contemporaries

October 24th, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

Barley. Lentils. Olive Oil. Onions. Carrots. Zucchini. Sweet Pataters. Cumin. Roma tomatoes. Rosemary. Paprika.

A bay leaf.


A crockpot that your mom got you for Christmas because you asked for it but have only used it once and you feel really bad about this so to respond, become obsessed with using it and spend many productive hours on the internet researching vegetarian crockpot recipes.

8 hours.

Bread, rubbed with butter and roasted garlic, then toasted.


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an Element of Truth

October 24th, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

You know what’s hard? Finding an image that accurately but not blatantly represents Truth BEFORE one has had coffee.

So here’s this pomegranate:

..which I’ve decided is an accurate representation of the truths inside of all of us. You know, like seeds. That burst when we bite them, and stain shirts. Also nice in juice form. Mmm, truth.

When leading the playwriting workshops! (SO! HARD!) I tried to convey to the kids this idea of an ‘element of truth.’ This is something that both Laura Maria Censebella and Chris Shinn lovingly pounded into our heads in grad school. A writer must always add their own ingredient to a play – something that is truthful for them. I told the students that including this elements allows you to write and continue to write whatever it is that you are working on, because you can always hook into the story this way. I grossly / weirdly see it, in mind’s eye, as literally a giant hook grabbing me by the sternum and pulling me through words. Ew.

The thing about high school kids, I think –  be they students at a public school in the Bronx , or students at a private in academy in Connecticut – is that the don’t get that they actually HAVE elements of truth. They see their lives as a wash of happy or a wash of struggling. They don’t realize all of the things that they have to SAY. And now I am kind of obsessed with making them realize this.

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Costume ideas

October 23rd, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

Narrowed down to Robert Mckee:

Lily in costume for a British play of some kind:

a piece of toast:

Or a person who is at home because they don’t feel like doing anything for Halloween*.

* my favorite.

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October 22nd, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

I’m lucky as ever to be teaching some playwriting workshops today at Greenwich Academy. It’s insane to go from the Bronx to this. Mellow, uniformed gals lounge about the stunning campus with hot chocolate, working dilligently on their macbooks. They take (or can take) Dance, video / film, music, and theater. The theater itself is gorgeous and boasts a costume, scene and prop shop comparable to that of a regional theater’s. There’s an extremely relaxed yet focused atmosphere; baked goods from parents for teachers, friendly  and safe environment. See: backpacks, left about:

I cannot fathom working at or attending even such an incredible school. More to come on what wisdom? or rambliness? I am able to bestow upon the students, but for now, pictures of School, take my breath awayyyyy (Bom Bommm)

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October 21st, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

Today I – for the first time ever – flipped through an October American Theatre Magazine  in which they publish all of the regional theater’s season announcements (hugely informative – a pretty stead Circle Mirror to Albee to 39 steps to Ruined ratio, and kind of NOTHING ELSE) and then ALSO I played scrabble with a robot on my phone, and defeated the robot, with QUITS on a triple word. So take that, Thursdays.

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you’ve got a friend

October 21st, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

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October 20th, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

I think I now officially swear by Aveda’s salon school $20 haircuts. While the first go round they gave me Mom hair (though there are worse things, my mom’s pretty foxy) THIS time I am thoroughly pleased. It’s nice to go around for a day looking nice in a way that you could never recreate yourself. For a mere $20 a student gives you a head and neck massage, makes you smell good and clips of your hair. Though I’ve heard it’s not good for super curly hair, if you have straighish or waviesh hair and are pretty broke only get your hair cut when your mom tells you to, you should pretty much just go there right now.

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New York Cares

October 20th, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

To quote myself:

Volunteer: I’m with New York Cares!

Teacher: Yeah it does.

Volunteer: What?

Teacher: ….we all do.

I finally finally got to do a New York Cares event. It’s nuts how fast the events fill up with volunteers. NYCares allows the busy, privileged New Yorker to productively absolve their guilt over their privilege and busy-ness  in short, rewarding sessions. Yesterday I participated in Bedtime Stories, which sounds creepy, but is just reading to and doing crafts with some kids at a rec center. My heart completely melted over littles Martin and Otto and Gus who insisted on reading NO GIRLS ALLOWED! and then proved to me their superior reading levels. Pictured above are our hand-wreaths, with required us to kind of accidentally draw all over our hands, in seemingly washable marker and then our Moms yelled at us and it was just really uncomfortable. I’m really really glad I did it and am totally going to do it again, perhaps even venturing BEYOND east 54th street to boroughs where kids aren’t already reading above grade level.

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I don’t understand?

October 19th, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

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