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September 10th, 2008 by Bekah Brunstetter

An email from Tim:i was on patrol yesterday when a flare had a negligent discharge in my truck, went off and set my gasmask case/carrier which was strapped to my left leg, and a few other things on fire. needless to say hilarity ensued as a i had to halt my patrol and jump out in the middle of the iraqi desert to put myself out. i didnt get burned at all and im fine so all in all, pretty funny  He is safe, and I love him. He rolled on the ground.  

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walk it out!

September 7th, 2008 by Bekah Brunstetter



Have I mentioned this? I’m a part of this pretty stellar group of actors/writers/directors 18-25 (sort of) – At Play Productions.

This group is the reason I have sometimes have drinks with* Kevin Spacey. Sometimes. / * in same room as.

This weekend, we retreated, so hard, as theatrical types do –  to Locust Valley, Long Island – where Ms. Mary Quick (actor; cutebottom) has a family summer home plantation type situation.


With a decent number of attenders, some 30 bottles of assorted liquors, and 500 bucks worth of cookie dough/ lunchmeat/ lasagna/ sasuages / marshmallows / assorted fat-causing substances, and four new plays to workshop – we certainly had our work cut out for us.

And what began peacefully with American Apparel-esque lounging about –


And theatrical mad libs (favorite phrases include (but are not limited to: Should I put my penis down and set a date, or continue being gnarly? and I will have the soft-shelled whorebass with homemade pantie sauce. etc.)


…soon got dirty when night fell.


Possessed by the spirit of retreaty-ness, of reckless abandon, of Youth, of drama club days of yore – we found ourselves eating cookie dough with our hands,


striking khaki-induced poses,


Cackling to assorted youtube affronteries:

dsc01233.JPGDancing the Dance of the Possessed Person Performance Dance,


Revelling in each other’s hidden talents –  (playing with French toys whilst the token British Member of Theater Company rhymthically recites the names of every king of England. You know, and so on:)



Walking it out as a Group –


and eating of cold, late night chicken wings –


…Ew. Oh, Bobby.

Not pictured, for sake of the safety of the photographer –  rowdy games of competitive, cut-throat charades, fooz ball, ping pong,  and Mafia (in which your Heroine / Bstetter secretly murdered the crap out of everyone.)

In our defense, we also workshopped all four plays. For real. We walked it out with my play, Le Fou, in which I made Kit Williamson (far left) play an old lady. He was better than the the movie.


All in all, a hootin/hollerin throw down;  a (distinguished / collaborative) high school – esque / drama club / eatin hash browns from a box while drivin lovely good time. I am thrice glad I won’t.

Those who didn’t: kindly stew and marinate in your jealousy.

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September 3rd, 2008 by Bekah Brunstetter

 vlcsnap-1785193.jpgIT’S A LADY!I LIKE HER HAIRDO! I’M GONNA VOTE FOR HER!I LIKE FRIED CHICKEN!  Bah. She’d just have her period all the time.  

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September 2nd, 2008 by Bekah Brunstetter

 dsc01184.JPGBecause I am completely Looney Tunes, I found myself stressed out that I had three days off, and wanted to fill it with the most perfect and productive activities. So I went to a metal show.    dsc01188.JPG    RARR!!  Yeah,  I did that. Liberated, I felt, pushed  around at the edges of the Mosh Pit. Judged, I was, in my ‘corporate American Apparel loser clothes’ (Steve heard someone say this. Right on.)I thought: this is amazing. Then some threw their Beer in my face. So I went home. I guess I’m not hardcore enough – but it’s super fun to pretend.  

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