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January 21st, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

I am now receiving Ads on facebook for a HIP CUTE HOME SPERM INJECTOR, with a cute name and cute branding pics like it’s a home meal service or fun socks or a way to test yourself for food allergies:

And it’s just like — what happened to fall in love, make sex, make baby? And it’s just like, is it for same sex couples, in which case yay, or is it for women who don’t want to emasculate their already emasculated male partners by dragging them to a fertility clinic so instead they steal their sperm in the night and inject it into themselves? So many of these new developments in science, fertility, in tech, just the things in general that humans are coming up with, are as terrifying in concept as they are brilliant and practical. WORLD IS ENDING (OR PERHAPS IT’S JUST BEGUN?)

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Charmed, I’m sure

January 17th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

For Christmas this year, The Brunstetters copied the Foster-Keddies, maybe because I forced them to, and did a Secret Santa type gift exchange. Employing a very fancy Santa app in which I first accidentally left off Dan, Each family member was assigned another, so ultimately, we each only had to get one gift, which is preferable, as we are all grown-ups. Lucky my Dad got Lucky me, and he gifted me with this beautiful charm bracelet, which bears a charm that matches each one of my plays / projects:


So moved, so CHARMED, so excited to keep receiving charms, and to write plays JUST so I can receive the Charm of them.

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January 15th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

Noun: a co-worker who becomes a friend; WHAT I FORCE MOST EVERYONE THAT I WORK WITH TO BECOME. 13 days into this Notebook musical workshop and I’m feeling very very grateful for Ingrid, who bakes the world’s best salted chocolate chip cookies, who is both vulnerable and collaborative, who brings me good luck crystals to keep in my bra and essential oils to sniff, who gives me half her orange when I’m staring at it with envy, who deserves nine million Trammy’s for her beautiful work on this project, a Trammy of course being the combo Tony Grammy that will be invented JUST for her.

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January 13th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

I confess that at least once a month, if not weekly, I think about the 90’s movie, Junior, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger CARRIES A BABY TO TERM. When I think about it, I’m usually wondering, HOW DID THEY MAKE THE MAN PREGNANT? I’m shacked up with SIL Jacy for the weekend, and we decided to do a deep dive into the ‘movies in which pregnancy is very easy and just happens because you think about it and three minutes later you’re in your second trimester’ section of Blockbuster. Last night, we revisited Junior, and first and foremost, Arnold becomes pregnant after they place an embryo in his perineal cavity, or in layman’s terms, HIS ACTUAL BUTT. Arnold then spends the movie with the raging hormones of a pregnant woman. He feels insecure about his looks, shoves pigs in a blanket into his mouth, cries at commercials, and it one critical scene, shouts MY BODY MY CHOICE at the villain while wearing floppy, soft 90’s Eileen Fisher. And it’s somehow also a supremely satisfying love story, in with he realizes his egg donor is actually Emma Thompson, the nerdy doctor he’s already in love with. Fortunately, that sex scene is NOT a part of the movie, which feels….backwards. Every moment is horrible, regrettable, flawless, heartwarming and nauseating. I highly recommend to any woman on a fertility journey, or any man wondering if he might ever be able to carry a baby to term, in his butt.

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inside animal

January 11th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

I’m in NYC for two weeks for a Notebook workshop and I can’t stop looking at a Dog. I learned recently that the Spirit Animal is a Native American cultural concept that it’s best to like, maybe NOT re-appropriate? BUT I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THIS DOG THAT WAS RECENTLY POSTED ON COUNTRY LIVING’S INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT:

This is the animal that lives inside of my head that I think of every time I feel overwhelmed or homesick or nostalgic or alone; this is the animal that CONTAINS all of my nostaglia and homesickness; THIS IS MY INSIDE ANIMAL.

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what to do with this

January 9th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

Every time the news presents an image of Harvey Weinstein heading into or out of court, I have to look away, not just because he is a manipulative rapist who took advantage of many vulnerable women, BUT BECAUSE HE’S USING A WALKER. Weinstein now walks like a mule with bricks of guilt and shame on his back. He’s apparently about to have surgery. And I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. Isn’t that horrible? What is that? Where does that come from? There is nothing sadder to me than a vulnerable old man. Why does my brain always pierce through the accusations and sins and see the human, when he oftentimes doesn’t deserve to be seen? And what am I meant to do with this feeling other than be ashamed of it and leave it here? Will it just always be my job / gift / curse to have empathy for literally everyone? Will I forever be a well-meaning, out of touch asshole standing next to the Guillotine shouting, THIS PEOPLE IS A PEOPLE, TOO?

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Share Size

January 7th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

Today, on A Life Lived With Gummy Bears: why put these words on a product, especially when there is technically no amount of gummy bears that is RIGHT to ingest, so how could there be an amount of gummy bears that is WRONG? Why not instead just ‘Regular size’ or ‘Size’ or ‘to be eaten during turbulence’ or ‘to be eaten alone so that your adult peers never learn that left to your own devices, you could sit and house an entire Share Size bag of gummy bears like they were chips’

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not mantra

January 5th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

My mantra has pretty much always been I do not have a mantra, I am not a person who does mantras, but recently, a mantra has developed in my head on its own, and so, I think I’ll let it stay, as it’s been incredibly helpful.

It is simply: My faith is greater than my anxiety. My faith is greater than my anxiety. Is this a mantra? I think this is a mantra. I guess I have a mantra, now. MY FAITH IS GREATER THAN MY ANXIETY. ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO SHOUT MANTRAS OR WHISPER THEM? I GUESS MINE IS SHOUTED THROUGH THE BACKS OF MY EYES, MY FAITH IS GREATER THAN MY ANXIETYYYYYYY

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why to Instagram

January 3rd, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

Instagram is dumb and a time suck and also threatens to make you feel sad about your life for no reason, but then also sometimes it captures these beautiful little bits of humanity. I just recently figured out how to ‘story’ and ‘filter’ and whatever the thing is when there’s a thing on your head that moves, is that also a filter? Is it a quiz? Over Christmas, everyone was doing which Disney character are you? Obviously I was Dory. It was silly and all in good fun until ZELDA WILLIAMS, ROBIN WILLIAMS’ DAUGHTER DID THE FILTER STORY QUIZ, AND GOT THE GENIE, who was of course voiced by her Dad. I didn’t realize how much I loved or missed Robin Williams until I saw his daughter laugh just like him.

Maybe instagram is a dumb, and a time suck, and can make you sad for no reason, and makes you feel like every one else in the world is eating and living and dressing better than you, but also: maybe it’s good at exposing and sharing these tiny moments of Joy.

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December 26th, 2019 by Bekah Brunstetter

Another superb Christmas with Morrison’s family in Olympia, Washington, a waterside fairyland full of hyped up children, Christmas carbs and stunning 4 PM sunsets. I will present my favorite moments / pictures using a very difficult, hi-tech blog feature called ‘media gallery’ which it honestly just took me 27 minutes to figure out how to do.

Christmas caroling at the Marina, complete with candles, hot cider and cookies, and 40 GROUP CAROLS INCLUDING CAROL OF THE BELLS:

Christmas morning itself, obviously:


Watching Morrison just be great at everything:

Q time with my in-law life partners:

And my most favorite, hope-giving, light restoring sunset, TAKEN AT 4:45 PM.

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