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neck things

May 2nd, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

Call me materialistic, but I do put a lot of weight on physical things. (No really, do call me that, as that is literally the definition.) Mostly I just like to have things around me to remind of different times in my life that I’m no longer inside of, as I really like to be surrounded by all the years I’ve lived that led me to where I am, which, typing it out loud, might suggest that I live in the past, and so  stay tuned for news of my upcoming book slash self help workshop series HOW TO NEVER EVER BE PRESENT EVER. But today I looked at all of my necklaces, hanging on the wall of my room:

And I just took a moment and looked at them, as a person with too much time on their hands might do with Things. I currently don’t wear any of them, as I wear the same jewelry every day, but hanging here (to name a few) we’ve got some pearls my mom got me from a vintage store in like 2003 when visiting me in NYC and she decided I needed some woman pearls, a necklace I Built myself at Brooklyn Charm in Brooklyn after I received my first paycheck for writing, a heart locket with Beyonce inside of it from Morrison and I’s first Valentine’s Day, a sister necklace from Morrison’s sisters, a compass that Julien and I both got after a trip so that we might always find our way, a tiny North Carolina, a golden owl found in my grandmother’s Things after she died, an Axe from Morrison as he sees and supports my gently violent side. I like having them there, to look at it, to remind me of each of these people, and each of these times. And so THINGS! THINGS FOREVER! And also maybe sometimes, meaningful human connections and maybe other stuff too.


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chill hat

April 16th, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

Please note that going forward, this hat that I lifted* from an abandoned gift shop of an abandoned western themed amusement shop outside Maggie Valley, NC is my new disguise / go-to / indicator that I’m chilling, angry, sick, happy, being, or basically just alive, by which I mean, I’m going to allow this thing to fuse and crust to my head to the point where it must be surgically removed, which would be NOT chill, so let’s just agree to leave it there.

*I mean I asked the new owner if I could have it and he said sure, but let’s just pretend I lifted it, to help craft an image of a tough exterior so that I might justify the wearing of a trucker fat with a fish on it.

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I grew up and also I’m a Toys R Us kid

March 15th, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

Yesterday, Toys R Us  announced it will close all of its stores and no longer Be. Last night,  anyone who grew up in the 70s/80s/90s slept curled around memory shadows of Kid Sister dolls  and Ninja Turtle hot wheels and that Thing that you put around one of your Ankles and then Swing it around and Jump over it. All we can do now is Remember, and work out how to explain what it Was to our future kids. Something like:

US: Toys R Us was a big toy store / that

FUTURE KID: What’s store?

US: A big place that sells things —

FUTURE KID: Like internet?

US: No, it’s a big physical, actual place that you go to buy things.

FUTURE KID: Like Amazon?

US: Yes, but you walk into it. With your body.

FUTURE KID: By why not just order it online?

US: Because that was part of it, the going and the looking and the choosing.


US: You’re blinking a lot, what is it, is there something in your eye?

FUTURE KID: Nope!  I Just bought myself a new video game.


(A package THUMPS on the front step.)



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October 6th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

Living room: with this old Eames chair that some awesome girl in Arkansas found at thrift store and posted it on the internets that I then found and paid her for that she then put on a greyhound bus to LA, THOU ART COMPLETE.  You are something I just decided is called Grandma’s Basement Chic, because when I hear or read the words Shabby Chic I want to sell all of my worldly items and live in a tree. I guess now I have to find other things to think about like ‘curtains?’ and ‘meaning of life?’

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Can’t Stop / Won’t Stop

September 27th, 2013 by Bekah Brunstetter

Had I an inheritance, I’d blow it all on records. But none over 5 bucks / all awesome / each provide a different soundtrack to the independent movie in which I am the protagonist and I never leave my apartment.

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That Time I Died and went to Flea Market

August 12th, 2012 by Bekah Brunstetter

Today with little to do, I did some serious meandering around the Fairfax Flea Market, which might also be called the Melrose Trading Post, which is a fairly giant collection of vintage and handmade art vendors hosted every Sunday on the grounds of a high school. 2 bucks a head entry fee raises funds for said school. Um, really smart. If you’ve known me for more than five minutes, I’ve most likely made it clear that I loved Goodwill and thrift stores, but I can’t stand vintage stores, where it’s already sort of all been picked out for you. I want the thrill of the hunt, and flea markets give me said thrill. I also don’t mind the mandatory pineapple lemonade that accompanies the meandering. So this Fairfax flea situation is basically the best  market I’ve ever patroned, and if I happen to ever live in LA again, I will probably be furnishing my home entirely from items with it. It was really hard not to buy every framed picture of a weird baby from 1943 and every salt and pepper shaker and every orange desk lamp and each clown portrait. I had no problem, however, resisting these:

which are essentially mangled and destroyed jean shorts that you wear REALLY high up your crotch so that it’s perfectly clear to everyone surrounding you that you’re capable of bearing children, which every girl in LA seems to be wearing right now. Instead, I gifted myself with a necklace:

The artist also made tiny gold fork necklaces, airplanes, toilets and rabbits and pies, but, feeling classic and practical after resisting fertility shorts,  I went with this little guy. It reads C’est la vie, but you must stick your face directly onto my collar bone to tell.

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Brooklyn Charm

May 2nd, 2011 by Bekah Brunstetter

Check it you guys: Buddy discovered Brooklyn charm where one can assemble one’s own necklace. She assembled one for me  with a beautiful stone, a cute little gem and a tiny B charm. It’s like build a bear but more ‘I will wear this everyday!’ and less ‘is it weird that I have this? I guess I’ll make it sit on my books.’ I LOVE IT!

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Here’s the thing(s)

September 20th, 2010 by Bekah Brunstetter

I want brown lace up boots for the fall. Like slight combatty in nature and size. Fans, I will not be doing anything insane like tucking jeans inside of them, I will be cuffing jeans OVER them and wearing them with tights. But I a.) can’t afford them and b.) can’t find the ones that I want. They are kind of but NOT like this:

And also kind of but not like THIS:

Oh, wantyness; oh, shopping.

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December 25th, 2009 by Bekah Brunstetter


Carefully flipping through this women’s magazine from 1939, I was happy to find that old ad’s basically were like little plays! How neat! See above: this woman is all, okay I am going out now, and the other woman is all, with that big nasty purse? Heavens no! And then the lady is like, I can’t carry my small elegant bag with my giant sanitary napkin!!! (Oh woe) and then the other lady is all, here, try this little friendly ones and the first lady is all, THANKS!


Also, I was delighted to find this:



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empire state

November 1st, 2008 by Bekah Brunstetter


Oh, tourism.

An Equity field trip in honor of the departure of our Interim manager forced me to go where no Bekah has ever gone before. Or Bekah Brunstetter, at least.  After four years of residence in NYC, I finally made it to the top!

There was a mere hour of illogical line and elevator taking –


But once atop the 86 stories – I, and a large slew of French people,  hovered above the thing I hastily rat race around in every day. Our digital cameras begged for a nap.


It was beautiful and totally worth it.


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