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these faces, forever

August 22nd, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

I could look at these fine faces and watch them act my words for forever, and with the Geffen remount, I KINDA GET TO. GET YOUR TICKETS NOWWWWWWW (as opposed to Then.)

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July 3rd, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

I straight up dreamt last night that I was in a theater, and I was happy.  Like I was in a theater, a dark and slightly cold theater, my favorite place, watching a rehearsal of a play I’d written some eight years ago, THIS PLAY, in fact:

…and I was just watching the actors act the words that I wrote, build on them and make them better, clarify my own intentions, and I was just sitting there thinking to myself, I love this. A pure and uncynical and grateful love. And then I had to go next door to another theater because there were some other people rehearsing another one of my old plays, and so I just sat with them for a while and watched them work. And I just sat there loving what I do, in love with sitting in cold places and observing the magic seconds when a thing that’s lived only in my head starts to exist with other people and outside of myself, in love with the the moments when we’re all so slightly cold, and all so happy to be there.


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June 11th, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter


Last night, in his acceptance speech, Andrew Garfield dedicated his Tony for his performance in Angels in America to the LGBTQ community, and made some comment, a la ‘let’s bake a cake for everyone!’ I was not watching the Tony’s, as I was too busy spiraling into self-loathing over rewrites on a thing that could one day maybe actually GET me an actual Tony, but I received a bunch of sweet texts and emails from people watching, as I am now forever associated with Cake (ASK ME IF I’M MAD AT IT/ I’M NOT.) So for now, let’s just shout into the universe, I WON (BY WHICH I MEAN ANDREW GARFIELD WON AND THEN SAID A THING THAT REMINDED PEOPLE OF SOMETHING I WROTE) A TONY!

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Andrea G.

April 24th, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

As I may have mentioned here before, I tend to read most of my reviews because a.) GOSH, I LOVE PAIN  and b.) I truly feel like I can learn from them,  if I read them with one eye open  (keeping the other eye that scans every moment and room I’m in for reasons to doubt myself carefully closed.) I happened upon this review of the Chicago production of the Cake the other day, and for reasons I decided NOT to unpack in a middle of the night email to the critic, it upset me deeply. I let it go for a few days, then yesterday, decided to revisit it, because again, I LOVE PAIN and also because with the initial sting having settled, I wanted to see what I could learn, as I’m still tweaking the play. And lo and behold, an angel woman named Andrea G. had left this beautifully articulated comment on the review  (my favorite parts in bold):

You are missing the point. Hear me out. There it was- my life on the stage. That NEVER happens. The real side of being a gay woman. Finally something REAL. You still have to love your family. You still have to reach across the table. Because we still need to live in our current lives. Della is lovable because most of the time your family member is lovable. I have a ton of Dellas in my live. And I wish I could be braver like Jen and work through them all. But you choose those like Della who really love you and you work it through. So you both grow. And it HURTS. Are you not gay? Or are you not a woman? Because that is the way women deal with things. Slowly and painfully. I’ll give this, then you give that, slowly. If you are really really lucky it ends well. I am still bruised as I am sure every lesbian who left the theater. You say it is intellectually and emotionally unnutritious. That is INSANE. This is family not the government or your job. You have to give people time to change, reevaluate and change some more. Dissuading others from seeing it because it doesn’t fit into the cookie cutter liberal “should,” is keeping people from actually seeing their lives in art. Not a fantasy of how life should be, but how it is. Because the play you are asking for wouldn’t hit home for me. It is a fantasy for me- where I sit down with my aunt and have a conversation about identities It wouldn’t be emotional because it would never happen. Because that is what your said privileged people do- conversations about identities. Not us poor blue collar folks. And your attitude towards Della is elitist and condescending. Yes she is a bigot. But your (and Macy’s attitude) is not so nice either.

ANDREA G., you are why I write plays. Thank you for speaking for me, with me.


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Chicago Cake!

April 13th, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

Today, on things that I forgot and then remembered: Chicago theater is incredible, basically everything about it, but namely the actors, who are BARELY ACTING AT ALL, who are present and human and are just happened upon in dramatic moments.  I popped over to see the Cake at Rivendell Theater Company in Edgewater and I am so very glad I did. The entire city is dotted with ballsy and self-sufficient companies, their theaters tucked into the storefronts that used to be restaurants and bars, their warm lobbies decorated however they dang please, LIKE MAYBE WITH CUTE VINTAGE APRONS EVERYWHERE PERHAPS IF THE PLAY IS CAKE-THEMED:

Then the theaters themselves are limitless boxes where the once off-off-off-offoffoffoff OFF broadway playwright can come home again.

All plays should be born in Chicago, get their legs before the get put in bigger, shinier boxes. OH WAIT, THEY KIND OF ALREADY ARE.


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March 30th, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

Something insane and wonderful is happening. The Cake is being produced everywhere all of the time, or least, getting more productions of a single play than I have ever had in my career. (Also, I counted, and I’ve been working as a playwright for 12 years, so I feel like I can now make sweeping declarations and end them with, ‘in my career.’) I feel like this wonderful thing might never happen again, and so I feel like celebrating / documenting, sharing when and where the play is happening, and also sharing ALL OF THESE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF CAKES / HAVE FUN LICKING YOUR SCREEN.

April 8-May 20 2018 in Chicago, Rivendell Theater

June 6-24 2018 at Tantrum Theater in Dublin, Ohio

June 1-July 1 2018 at The Alley Theater in Houston, TX, with Faith Prince reprising the roll of Della! There’s no poster yet, so here’s our happy mugs:

June 21-July 15 2018  in the Berkshires, at Barrington Stage

July 6-29th 2018 at the Contemporary American Theater Festival in West Virginia

September 10-October 21st 2018 atthe Geffen in LA! Re-mount of the best OG production there ever was, staring these fine folk:


April 5-28th 2019 at Asolo Rep in Sarasota, Florida

Feb 6-March 10th 2019 at Salt Lake Acting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah

AND THEN SOME OTHER EXCITING PLACES THAT I’M NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO SHARE YET.  This is the first play I’ve written that I’ve truly felt that people need to see.  I think I somehow managed to write something healing, which we so badly need right now. It’s not a perfect play, it will need to change as I change, as the world changes, but — I put something good out there, which is all I can try to do. And the fact that so many people are going to see it my attempt at Good makes me so happy that my insides are carrot cake, my skin is cream cheese frosting, my heart is a walnut tucked deep inside.

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why to workshop a play

March 23rd, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter


Sometimes play workshops feel like a a group of grown ups playing dress up for no reason and rolling around in a big living room cushion pile of their own ideas. But then every now and then they feel truly worthwhile and important,  and this week with Theater Breaking Through Barriers was definitely one of those, a week spent picking apart disability and how it’s viewed by our public officials but mostly, like any good workshop, WE ATE AN ENTIRE BAG OF FUN SIZED EASTER CANDY, because really, what else is the American Theater For?

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truly ideal scenario

March 21st, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter





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Home again home again, jiggity jog!

March 19th, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

I have no idea where that limerick (?) came from, if my mom made it up for all car rides home or if it’s an ancient Irish thing, but I shall use it to announce that I’m working on my new play today at 520 8th avenue — a midtown building stuffed full of rehearsal studios, where I have workshopped and read and staged so many plays I can’t even count them on my hairs. It’s hallways are full of remembories. If you look closely at the Toss your Own Salad station in the Pax Foods below it, you can see translucent young me almost ordering a salad then getting a chicken parm panini instead, then heading outside to smoke and tear apart her play in her head. It’s like I never left because truly, a part of me never did.



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February 12th, 2018 by Bekah Brunstetter

The happiest of openings to the Cast (and some Creative) of La Jolla Playhouse’s The Cake! From R to L: Aubrey Dollar as Jen, Miriam Hymann as Macy, Director Casey Stangl, mennonite girl on her Rumspringa daring to wear a fake leather jacket / playwright Bekah Brunstetter, Wayne Duvall as Tim, Faith Prince as Della, and on your farthest Left, Guy who Travelled from the Future to Deliver us a Message that we never Received because we were Taking Too Many Pictures.

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