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February 16th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

Every time Morrison and I are standing on any sort of beach (this weekend, Rancho Palos Verdes) this happens.

Me: Will you take a picture of me? Go over there and I’ll stand here, and be normal. Just take a picture of while I’m looking normal but also not when I’m looking like I want to be normal looking. Just capture that moment.


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February 14th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

Dreamt I hadn’t found him yet, so I was wandering around the world searching for someone to love me, shouting at anyone who would listen, I AM 37, I NEED SOMEONE TO COMMIT TO ME, I NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE ME SERIOUSLY, woke up, remembered I have him, and that I always will; took him to breakfast, watched him eat a chorizo burrito; Loved.

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February 12th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

Attn: all industry colleagues: I just realized we’ve been doing it all wrong. We’ve been sleeping on the term ‘Show Business,’ we’ve been letting it die. When asked what we do, we say we are writers, actors, directors. Next time someone is like:

Someone: So what do you do?

Be like:


Someone: Cool! I’m a human rights lawyer.

You: …Well I’m in SHOW BUSINESS!

Don’t be sad when the human rights lawyer walks away. Just keep shouting SHOW BUSINESS! Until someone comes to Network with you.

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Oscars so Icelandic

February 10th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

My favorite moment from last night OTHER than Parasite winning three awards INCLUDING best film becoming the FIRST foreign film to win best picture in the 92 YEARS of the Academy’s HISTORY and other random capitalized WORDS was when this Icelandic music fairy, Hildur Guðnadóttir, won for best composition for her work on Joker:

If you’re not blessed like I am to have an Icelandic person in your life, like I am with my dear grad school buddy nugget of LIGHT Magie Takyar, here’s a perk: literally every time you meet an Icelandic person or perhaps see one win an award, you are reminded of your friend, as all Icelandic people seem to share a nature, a spirit, a history. Sure enough, Magie immediately texted me that she in fact knows Hilda. Of course, because they are all brilliant, and they are all One. Find you an Icelandic friend TODAY! (Hilda is probably slammed; Magie is mildly available, when she’s not making movies ( or feeding her child.)

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Do the Things for the Emergency

February 8th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

Morrison wakes up slowly in the morning, and over time, like a regular person. I tend to wake up mid-sentence, already doing and worrying about things. This morning as I spiraled to him about something, he said calmly,

I’m not thinking about that right now. I’m still waking up.

Me: Okay, But what if you didn’t have TIME to wake up? What if you woke up and there was an EMERGENCY?

Morrison (chews his breakfast with measure, then:) I would do the things for the Emergency.

THERE YOU HAVE IT. As long as you know with confidence that you are capable of Doing Things for the Emergency, TAKE ALL THE DAMN MORNING TIME YOU NEED.

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February 6th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

I want to delete my Facebook account, as it’s a time suck / complain-y place / Russian Robot, but if I delete it, WHERE WILL I KEEP ALL OF MY PICTURES FROM SEVEN YEARS AGO? How will I remember being a tiny person bathing in a Hot Spring in Costa Rica?

Or the time a waterslide at said hot spring resort in Costa Rica gave me a concussion?

Or the time on the trip when Julien and I went kayaking but I was too hungover to move and thus Julien had to do ALL of the kayaking?

How will I remember anything? With my MEMORY BRAIN? BUT I WANT TO USE COMPUTER

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February 4th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

That we don’t have the Iowa Caucus results because an app crashed? That it’s kind of unsettling that results are being counted by an app? Does anyone else imagine or at least WANT it to be thousands of tiny George Washingtons and Martin Luther Kings and Florence Nightingales that count our election results, methodically, ethically, with their tiny hands? JUST ME, AND ALSO ALL OF YOU? GREAT, LET’S ALL GET TOGETHER AND RISE UP AGAINST COMPUTER OH WAIT IT’S LISTENING

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February 2nd, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

In honor of Annual of Very High Stakes Bean Dip Sportsball Day, I present to you this Obvious Plant Sportsshirt I got Tim for Christmas:


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Birth / Death

January 31st, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

On Tuesday, my cousin Matt Pendergrass suddenly passed away at the age of 42. Here he is doing what he did best (read: Beach Smiling):

And today, my Grandpa Joe turns 92. Here he is, doing what HE does best, or at least what he once did best, smiling just partially at a happy thought in his head (the thought most likely being Ice Cream):

Matt was Joe’s oldest grandson. Joe doesn’t really understand much anymore, in terms of what year it is, who all of the People are, but Tuesday when my Grandma found out about Matt, she cried, and Joe came and hugged her, kissed her on the cheek. He didn’t know Why, but he knew she needed this. I’ll use my creative liberty to decide this: Joe Knew, Matt felt it, and these two handsome men are connected despite things like neurons, plaque, and Earth, and Life, and how it ends.

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how know you’re 97

January 29th, 2020 by Bekah Brunstetter

After a much needed 5:30 PM post-work power nap, you take a moment, actually a long SERIES of moments, to gaze lovingly at your new teapot that you ordered to match the pepper shaker that matches the griddle pan that matches the soup pot, and it gives you such calm to see this order, and you ponder how Nice it is, that things can match, and how it really is the little things, these tiny ephemeral matching things, that create pockets of peace that add up to a peaceful life, and then you realize it’s 8 PM, and it’s time for tea, and book, and bed, some of which are also Red.

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